David Virgien
Moments of Everyday Life

Neue Aquarellarbeiten des in München lebenden Amerikaners

E r ö f f n u n g

Donnerstag 10. Februar 2011 .. 19 - 21 Uhr

Ausstellung vom 11.02. - 18.03.2011

werkschau.galerie, München, Ligsalzstrasse 11
Öffnungszeiten: Fr 15 - 18 Uhr + Sa 11 - 14 Uhr
und nach tel. Vereinbarung unter 089 - 50 56 10

Der im Münchner Westend lebende Amerikaner David Virgien hält in seinen Bildern sehr alltägliche, im ersten Hinsehen vielleicht unbedeutende Situationen fest. Durch dieses Festhalten kann der Betrachter einen anderen Blick auf Dinge oder Geschehnisse gewinnen, die damit für ihn plötzlich interessant oder sogar unvergesslich werden.

Die Aquarelle auf Papier basieren auf Fotos – vom Künstler selbst aufgenommen in seinem unmittelbaren Lebensumfeld oder hervorgeholt aus den Fotoarchiven vergangener Zeiten.

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David Virgien ..Moments of Everyday Life
Artist’s Statement

These works are images taken from everyday life, visual moments which became significant only by being recorded, moments which would otherwise have passed from sight and memory.

This work is an attempt to make sense of the world. It is based on the premise that there is beauty and interest to be found in everything we perceive; that the wonder and majesty of the entire world is latent in every particular part of the world. Every person, place or thing we encounter in everyday life is at once ordinary and, at the same time, a vessel of revelation.

The works are based on photographs. It is an important distinction that I don’t paint from photographs, rather, I make pictures of photographs, in which every painterly decision is determined by a close examination of the photographic surface.

My medium of choice is the ancient and traditional one of watercolor on paper. This transparent medium is ideal for my process which is to build color through the accretion of many layers, preserving light through acts of restraint. In this way a visual space seems, very gradually, to conjure itself into existence.

Inevitably, what we draw, paint or photograph can never compare to what we see. What is great about art is the impossibility of this attempt at capturing perception. What is endlessly interesting is how unpredictably we fall short of the goal.